SVAMC promotes U.S. and international business-practical resolution of technology and technology-related business disputes.


Silicon Valley Arbitration & Mediation Center (SVAMC) serves the global technology sector by promoting business practical resolution of disputes.


  • SVAMC advances the use of arbitration and mediation by companies and individuals involved in technology and technology-related business disputes in Silicon Valley, throughout the U.S. and around the world.
  • SVAMC serves a wide variety of technology industry sectors, including high technology, telecommunications, biotechnology, materials sciences, alternative energy and venture investment, as well as other industry sectors implementing technology.
  • SVAMC works with leading technology companies, law firms, neutrals, ADR institutions and universities to promote effective and efficient resolution of technology disputes and related complex business disputes, including through the use of arbitration and mediation as alternatives to the cost, timing, formality and uncertainty associated with court proceedings. SVAMC supports tech-savvy and business practical ADR resolution.
  • SVAMC educational programs, resources and related ADR services are provided to technology companies on a complimentary basis.
  • SVAMC serves the global technology sector. SVAMC operates internationally in affiliation with the Global Technology Dispute Resolution Council (GTDRC).
  • SVAMC’s corporate, law firm, academic and other professional members support SVAMC in its mission to promote efficient and effective technology dispute resolution. All qualified professionals in the tech ADR field are invited to support SVAMC through general membership. Application for membership is available on the SVAMC website.
  • SVAMC promotes the resolution of technology disputes by highly experienced arbitrators and mediators through the publication of The List of the World’s Leading Technology Neutrals. The appointees are skilled in business, technology and dispute resolution law and have hands-on industry sector experience in the US and internationally. Appointees to the “Tech List” are peer-vetted and recognized as the leading experts in technology dispute resolution. Admission to The Tech List is by invitation only and limited to individuals qualified by leading national and international ADR providers.
  • SVAMC supports arbitration and mediation conducted under the administration of leading U.S. and international institutional providers, including under AAA/ICDR, ICC, LCIA, WIPO, CPR, HKIAC, SIAC and UNCITRAL rules. SVAMC does not administer cases.
  • SVAMC provides resources to courts through judicial ADR programs in which highly qualified neutrals assist the parties in the resolution of technology-related disputes.
  • SVAMC members have expertise in the resolution of a broad array of technology related disputes involving contracts, sales, licensing, distribution, technology development, services, marketing, patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, data breach, joint ventures, outsourcing, strategic relationships, partnerships, corporations, corporate securities, company management, corporate governance, stockholders, equity investment, debt financing, mergers, acquisitions, restructurings and other corporate, commercial and intellectual property matters.
  • SVAMC promotes the use of innovative technologies to assist in the resolution of technology and technology-related business disputes.
  • SVAMC supports the global technology sector. Although based in Northern California, SVAMC supports technology centers around the world as focal points for innovation, entrepreneurship, technology investment and the advancement of technology to improve life.
  • SVAMC promotes training new practitioners in tech ADR. Through its SVAMC Young Practitioner initiative, SVAMC offers programming developed by and directed to students and new practitioners.
  • SVAMC is committed to inclusivity and diversity, encouraging participation by all interested professionals. SVAMC recognizes that diversity allows for improved decision-making. SVAMC supports diversity in the tech ADR field, in its leadership and in all its activities.

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SVAMC is a California non-profit corporate foundation exempt under IRC section 501(c)(3).

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