The SVAMC-YP group is an international network of young professionals interested in the resolution of technology-related disputes through arbitration and mediation. The group aims to provide its members with opportunities to exchange views and learn from peers and senior professionals involved in technology-related industry sectors through conferences, workshops, debates, publications, and other networking events.

Steering Committee

The SVAMC-YP group is led by an eight-member Steering Committee primarily comprised of private practitioners and in-house counsel, but may also include others in related fields, such as academics, arbitrators and mediators, and others involved in the high-tech business community. The inaugural Co-Chairs of the Steering Committee are Rajat Rana of Dechert LLP and David Earnest of Shearman & Sterling LLP. Each Steering Committee member serves a three-year term.

Initiatives and Events

The group’s initial focus will be on two initiatives–membership and conferences. Membership is now open to the international community of young professionals from leading technology companies, law firms and universities that seek to create a greater understanding of and dialogue about the effective and efficient resolution of technology-related business disputes through arbitration and mediation.

SVAMC-YP recently held two inaugural events at the end of 2017. The first, sponsored by Stanford Law School, took place on November 2 on the Stanford campus. The second event was held November 9, 2017 in Washington DC to mark the launch of the group and to discuss “Why Arbitration is Ideal for Resolving Technology Disputes.” Be sure to read the blog post here. Check back soon for future events undertaken by SVAMC-YP members.

Virtual Proceedings – We Need Your Feedback

As an ADR group focused on technology, the current growth and significance of virtual arbitrations and mediations is of particular importance. As you will have seen, institutions and organizations are publishing a variety of guidelines and hosting seminars to assist ADR users working in this new reality. Indeed, one of our SVAMC-YP members, SeungMin Lee, was an author of the Seoul Protocol on Video Conference in International Arbitration issued in March 2020. We also expect that, by now, many of you are taking part in virtual proceedings as part of your practice.

To bring together our collective views and experiences, SVAMC-YP would like to publish a field note on virtual proceedings and we would like to hear from YOU about any experiences you and your colleagues have had with this evolving area of ADR practice. Have you held a remote mediation? Conducted cross-examination over video? Held a merits hearing in a virtual setting? What worked well versus what didn’t work well? What can we—as practitioners—do to adapt to the emergence of virtual proceedings? What do our client expect in these circumstances? And what predictions do you have for the ADR practice as these types of proceedings become more common? Will this continue when we return to “normal”?

If you have an experience you want to share, please send us a short description of the procedure and your biggest take away from the experience. We are also looking for helpful anecdotes, views, and opinions on how this may change ADR, and any helpful recommendations or techniques you have come across or implemented yourself.

We are aiming to publish the field note this summer and therefore request that all submissions be sent to info-svamc-yp@svamc.org by no later than July 30, 2020 for consideration. Submissions should be approximately 250 words. Contributions chosen for publication will be attributed to the author, so please provide your name and the contact details you prefer for distribution. You can also contact us at the above email with any questions about the publication.


Membership in SVAMC-YP is open to persons under the age of 45 who are involved or have an interest in technology-related business disputes, including private practitioners, in-house counsel, arbitrators and mediators, academics and students, and others involved in the high-tech business community. There is no fee for membership but prospective members will need to submit an application describing their background and interest.

Apply for Membership

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