SVAMC Tech List appointees offer presentations to businesses, law firms and universities on the use of arbitration and mediation as business-practical alternatives for the resolution of technology disputes. These presentations are offered on a complimentary basis as an educational offering to the technology community. The presentations can be customized to meet particular requirements.

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Planning For Technology Arbitration & Mediation

  1. A General Counsel’s View of Technology Dispute Resolution (Les Schiefelbein)
  2. Arbitration, Mediation and Negotiation Clause Drafting for Technology Companies (Susan Nycum and James Grossman)
  3. Dispute Resolution for the Next Generation of Technology Companies (Gary Benton and Rachel Koch)
  4. Dynamic Dispute Resolution as a Tech Business Process – Solving Problems Before They Arise (Gary Benton)
  5. How Counsel Might Address Limited Appeal Rights in Arbitration (Raymond Bender)
  6. No Negotiation – Early Neutral Evaluation for Tech and Telecom Disputes (Gary Benton)
  7. Technology Arbitration: Faster, Smarter, Cheaper Ways to Resolve Technology Disputes (Gary Benton and Les Schiefelbein)
  8. The Use of “Standby” Arbitrators and Mediators in Long Term, Big Expense Projects (Susan Nycum)
  9. Useful Tips On Effective Mediation of Technology Disputes (Yarko Sochynsky)
  10. Useful Types of Agreements the Combatants Should Consider Negotiating After a Technology Dispute Arises (Thomas J. Brewer)
  11. Using Tech Savvy Mediation To Settle Tech Company Disputes (Robert Morrill)
  12. Videoconferencing for International Arbitration and Mediation (Paul Mason)

Technology Arbitration & Mediation Procedures

  1. Confidential Information, Trade Secret Protection and Use of EDI in Technology Disputes (Susan Nycum)
  2. Corporate Counsel Advocacy in Technology Arbitration−Working Towards a Fair and Economical Process (Les Schiefelbein)
  3. Dispositive Motions in Arbitration: Risks and Rewards (James Grossman and Robert Morrill)
  4. How to Best Use the CIO and IT Department in Dispute Resolution as Witnesses, Party Representatives and Consultants (Susan Nycum)
  5. Key Issues in the Arbitral Process: Confidential Information, Documents, Subpoenas, and Witnesses (Les Schiefelbein)
  6. Presenting Witness Testimony in U.S. Domestic Arbitration: Should Written Witness Statements Become the Norm? (Raymond Bender)
  7. Selecting Arbitrators and Conducting The Preliminary Conference in Technology Cases (Raymond Bender)
  8. When “Divorce” Is Not An Option – How To Keep The Parties Working Together While Resolving the IT Dispute(s) (Susan Nycum)
  9. Winning Uses of the CIO and IT Departments in Technology Disputes as Witnesses, Party Representatives and Consultants (Susan Nycum)
  10. Explaining Complexity – The Do’s and Don’ts of Presenting Technical Information In Arbitration” (Harrie Samaras and Laura Kaster)

Contract And Commercial Disputes

  1. Arbitration: An Ideal Way to Resolve High-Tech Industry Disputes (Raymond Bender)
  2. Engines by GE: Body by Houdini–Procedural Constraints to the Resolution of High Tech Disputes in Aeronautics and Aerospace (Les Schiefelbein)
  3. How Technology Arbitrators Decide Technology Contract Disputes (Gary Benton)
  4. IT Outsourcing Projects Gone Bad: Lawsuits and Arbitration as an Alternative (Gary Benton)
  5. Lessons Learned from Failed IT Projects. How to Draft and Implement Successful IT Transactions (Susan Nycum)
  6. Satellite Industry Arbitrations (Raymond Bender and Les Schiefelbein)
  7. The Use of ADR in Outsourcing Relationships (Sherman Kahn)
  8. Using Arbitration to Resolve Sales, Marketing, Licensing, Distribution and other IT Contract Disputes (Gary Benton)
  9. Data Breach Cases in Arbitration (Gary Benton and Sherman Kahn)

Competition Disputes

  1. Resolving Competition Disputes Among Technology Companies (Chris Compton)

Corporate Disputes

  1. Early, Later and Last Ditch Solutions To Resolve Tech M&A Earnout Disputes (Gary Benton)
  2. Private Dispute Resolution for Privately Held Technology Companies and their Investors (Gary Benton)
  3. Smart Fixes for Emerging Growth Company Investment Disputes – Founders, Angels, Early Stage, Later Stage and Exit (Gary Benton)
  4. Solving Technology Company Ownership, Partnership, LP and LLC Issues Through Arbitration (Gary Benton)
  5. The “Next Big Thing” in Dispute Resolution for Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms (Gary Benton)
  6. Using ADR to Resolve Public Technology Company Corporate Governance Issues (Gary Benton)

Intellectual Property Disputes

  1. Alternative Dispute Resolution and Successful Settlement of Intellectual Property Cases (Neil Smith)
  2. Domain Names, Trademarks and Infringement/Cybersquatting Dispute Resolution (Neil Smith)
  3. FRAND Arbitration for Standard Essential Patent Royalty Disputes (Gary Benton)
  4. Lessons from the Apple-Samsung Patent Litigation: Resolving IP Disputes with Arbitration (Gary Benton and Les Schiefelbein)
  5. Partners and Joint Venturers: Misappropriation Problems and Arbitration Solutions (Gary Benton)
  6. Patent Dispute Resolution: Matching the Process to the Problem (Vicki Veenker)
  7. The Patent Trial & Appeal Board of the Patent and Trademark Office: A Unique Role in Patent Cases, and How to Successfully Settle Patent Cases (Neil Smith)
  8. Trade Secret Infringement: Back to Business with Mediation and Arbitration (Gary BentonLes Schiefelbein)

International Disputes

  1. A General Counsel’s View of International Arbitration for Technology Companies (Les Schiefelbein)
  2. Across The Pond: Insist on Arbitration Clauses for UK Investment in US Technology (Gary Benton)
  3. Choice of Law for International Technology Businesses with a Russian Nexus (Les Schiefelbein)
  4. Corporate Counsel Advocacy in International Technology Arbitration (Les Schiefelbein)
  5. Current Issues in International Technology Arbitration−Selection of Arbitrators, Costs, Ethics, and Emergency Arbitrators (Les Schiefelbein)
  6. Expedited Procedures in International Technology Arbitrations (Les Schiefelbein)
  7. Innovative Solution for Big, Important and Major Multinational IP Disputes: International Arbitration. Gary Benton and Les Schiefelbein)
  8. International Technology Arbitration In Asia: A Behind the Scenes Review (Les Schiefelbein)
  9. The Complicated Matter of US and Chinese Courts and Fair and Practical Solutions for US and Chinese Technology Companies Through International Arbitration (Gary Benton)
  10. Civil Law Thinking on International Arbitration for EU Companies in Silicon Valley (Gary Benton)
  11. The Mandatory Law of Brazil in Distribution and IP Disputes in International Arbitration (Gary Benton)
  12. Software Development in India and Software Implementation in the US: Managing and Resolving IT Development & Implementation Disputes (Gary Benton)
  13. Solutions For Development, Licensing & Distribution Disputes Between US and Non-US Companies (Gary Benton)
  14. Using Arbitration & Mediation for US-Israeli-related Tech Formation, Financing, Operations and Exit Disputes (Gary Benton)
  15. When Are California Technology Companies Using International Arbitration? Is it Working? (Les Schiefelbein)
  16. Videoconferencing for International Arbitration and Mediation (Paul Mason)