The List of the World’s Leading Technology Neutrals

The List of the World’s Leading Technology Neutrals is peer-vetted and limited to exceptionally qualified arbitrators and mediators known globally for their experience and skill in crafting business-practical legal solutions in the technology sector. This highly regarded list is reviewed annually with Appointees announced each January and on a rolling basis thereafter. Collectively these professionals have handled thousands of successful mediations and arbitrations and continue to serve as distinguished members of the Tech-focused ADR community.

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“A go-to list of exceptionally experienced and talented neutrals who ‘get’ technology and, just as importantly, understand the international tech business world.”

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Highly regarded Arbitrators and/or Mediators well-recognized by peers in their geographic locale

Vetted members of a panel or roster of at least one leading national or international arbitral or mediation institution

Substantially experienced in the legal and technical issues of the technology sector

Verifiable practice credentials as an Arbitrator or Mediator. Prior service with one or more Tech List Appointees preferred

Exceptionally skilled in efficient and business-practical technology dispute resolution

Actively engaged in ADR education and training initiatives (eg. teaching, panels, writing)

Practitioners of the highest ethical and practice standards; and

Diversity candidates and others who bring new and valuable perspectives to technology dispute resolution

Inclusion on The Tech List is by invitation only

Candidates are assessed by peers based on the Selection Criteria

Candidates are admitted on a rolling basis following review and recommendation of the Tech List Selection Committee and approval by the SVAMC Executive Committee

Admittees to the List are reviewed annually

To recommend a candidate, submit an application or for more information, please contact SVAMC at