Companies doing business in Silicon Valley and other global technology centers face cutting edge legal issues requiring specialized knowledge that often cannot be found in a courtroom setting or in providers with limited emerging growth company expertise.

SVAMC promotes the use of arbitration, international arbitration, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures for technology companies, technology investors and others doing technology-related business in Silicon Valley, throughout the U.S. and around the world.

In today’s fast paced global business environment, it is inevitable that disputes will arise. ADR offers the opportunity for tech-savvy and business practical solutions without the cost, time delay, formality and uncertainty of litigation. It allows technology disputes to be resolved privately and with levels of efficiency and expertise that are not available in a courtroom setting.

Mediation allows parties to quickly settle disputes without going to court. It is particularly useful when direct negotiations break down. With the right mediator, it can be a tech savvy, constructive, deal-making process. Mediation may also be used in parallel with court or arbitration proceedings.

Arbitration offers focused and practical resolution of disputes on the merits while avoiding the time, expense and uncertainty of court proceedings. It is particularly useful when companies want disputes resolved in a business setting – privately and efficiently by a decision-maker with technology sector expertise.

International arbitration is a specialized form of arbitration designed for cross-border business disputes. It offers technology companies doing business in Silicon Valley and in the broader technology community a sophisticated, neutral forum to resolve disputes on a global basis.

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