Silicon Valley Arbitration & Mediation Center (SVAMC) is a non-profit foundation based in Palo Alto, California. SVAMC is led by its Board of Directors and guided by its advisors and membership. Management is coordinated through the SVAMC Executive Committee and various operating committees and task forces.

Executive Leadership

Lester W. Schiefelbein (CEO)

Charles T. Compton (President)


Chairman of the Board

Gary L. Benton


Executive Committee

Lester W. Schiefelbein (Co-Chair)

Charles T. Compton (Co-Chair)

Raymond Bender

Gary L. Benton

Michael Diamant

James H. Grossman

Sherman Kahn

Robert B. Morrill

Susan H. Nycum

Neil Smith

Additional Directors

Grant L. Kim

James Madison

William Tanenbaum

Vicki Veenker

Peter Vogel



Donna Passons (Executive Director)

Bill Seward (Asst. Executive Director)

Aubrie Aviña (Marketing)



General Membership Committee

Jim Reiman (Chair)

Chris Compton (ex officio)

Gary McGowan

Conna Weiner

Marketing Committee
(in formation)

 Chris Compton (Chair)

Programming Committee

Lester W. Schiefelbein (Chair)

William Baker

Michael Diamant

Naomi Jane Gray

Sherman Kahn

Grant Kim

East Coast Programming Subcommittee

Michael Diamant and George Graff (Leads)

Bill Baker

Theo Cheng

Steve Gilbert

Sherman Kahn

Laura Kaster

Jim Reiman

Merriann Panarella

Harrie Samaras

Bill Tanenbaum

Tech List Coordination Committee

Merriann Panarella (Chair)

Gary Benton (ex officio)

David Allgeyer

Theodore K. Cheng

Rod Thompson

Tech List Selection Committee

Robert B. Morrill and Sherman Kahn (Chairs)

Gary Benton (ex officio)

Susan Nycum

Harrie Samaras


Education Planning Task Force

Neil Smith (Chair)

Michael Diamant

Sherman Kahn

James Madison

Conna Weiner

Peter Vogel

International Task Force

Paul Cohen and Grant Kim (Chairs)

Gary Benton and Les Schiefelbein (ex officio)

Bill Baker

Paul Mason

Sherman Kahn (Tech List Selection Committee Liaison)

Europe Group

Paul Cohen (Lead)

Duarte Henriques

Thomas Legler

Asia Group

Grant Kim (Lead)

Latin America Group

Paul Mason (Co-Lead)

US/Canada Group

Bill Baker (Co-Lead)

Law Firm Task Force - West Coast

Chris Compton (Chair)

Rod Thompson

Vicki Veenker

Rachel Zargar

Outreach Task Force

Theodore K. Cheng (Chair)

Harrie Samaras (Tech List Selection Committee Liaison)

Michael Diamant

Practice Focus Task Force

Ray Bender (Chair)

Gary Benton (ex officio)

SVAMC Young Professionals - Steering Committee

Rajat Rana & David Earnest (Chairs)

Amy Endicott

Aaron Libbey

Claire Morrel De Westgaver


Ray Bender (SVAMC Board Liaison)