Article by David Allgeyer & Harrie Samaras Featured in ABA Section of Intellectual Property’s Landslide Magazine

Just out in Landslide Magazine: “A Dozen Tips for Technology-Related Mediations and Arbitrations” by SVAMC Tech List Appointees Harrie Samaras and David Allgeyer. November/December 2018 Issue, page 16.

In this issue, Harrie and David take up the dozen most important things to bear in mind when mediating or arbitrating technology-related disputes.

For even more information on mediating and arbitrating technology-related disputes, you may be interested their books available from and on Amazon:

David Allgeyer, Arbitrating Patent Disputes, A Practical Guide (ABA IPL Section 2017)

Harrie Samaras, ADR Advocacy, Strategies, and Practices for Intellectual Property and Technology Cases (2d Ed. ABA IPL Section 2017)