How Hot-Tubbing Might Affect Technology Related Arbitration

10 frequently asked questions by Paulius Docka, FCIArb Even a modest technology-related dispute might easily become a nightmare for parties involved. The parties almost each time are dragged into lengthy and expensive proceedings. Technology-related litigation inevitably requires involvement of a technology expert. Even if the party picks the best arms, in many jurisdictions lawyers and […]

The Sedona Conference: Mediation for Patent Litigation

Faced with millions of dollars in potential fees, the uncertainty of a jury verdict and the prospect that it could be overturned by the Federal Circuit, parties are increasingly turning to mediation as a means of resolving patent litigation at an early stage in the proceedings. This is both by their choice and in many […]

Courageous Steps Forward For Women in Arbitration

“The best thing a woman can do is to be super competent, persevere and have thick skin,” said Louise Barrington, the founder of ArbitralWomen, the international network of women in dispute resolution.(1) I believe this statement holds true in all facets of life, but specifically professionally. Traditionally the field of international arbitration has been a […]

Dispute Resolution for the Next Generation of Tech Companies

One of my roles at SVAMC is to advise on tech ADR from the perspective of my generation. As a recent law school graduate, I often explain ADR and its unique advantages over litigation, frequently citing the benefits of time and cost efficiencies. As a “Millenial,” what is particularly compelling to me is that ADR […]