Settlement, Mediation, and Arbitration During The COVID-19 Court Crisis

The pandemic crisis has hit our judicial system.  Courts have had to close their physical doors to protect the judiciary, their personnel and the public. Many are struggling to convert their technological backbones to allow employees to function remotely and to conduct at least emergency matters. During these necessary transitions, another curve is growing, the […]

DOJ Sends Merger Challenge to Arbitration

Those of us in law’s antitrust community sometimes wonder if we have silently labored in distant fields, known only to “deep-state intellectuals” in the Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission. As arbitrators or mediators, we wait patiently by the phone—happily taking on a wide range of business disputes, but seldom seeing cases in our favored […]

Controlling the costs of arbitration: “Fixed Fees for Arbitrators”

One of the most vibrant and intricate issues in international arbitration is unquestionably the costs that go along with this mechanism to solve disputes. Service providers and users across the globe seem unable to find a satisfactory framework to a binomial “cost & time-efficient” procedure with excellence. It is true that arbitral institutions are constantly […]

Google’s Waymo vs. Uber: A Legal Skirmish Amongst Tech Rivals

You may have noticed a little skirmish underway between Waymo, Alphabet’s self-driving car unit, and rival Uber, described as “what could be a long and acrimonious battle between the two tech rivals over trade secrets” in their efforts to commercialize self-driving cars. In its San Francisco’s federal court litigation, Waymo claims that its ex-employee Anthony […]

Five Key Lessons Learned on International Tech Disputes – The SVAMC Smarter, Faster, Cheaper Tech Dispute Conference

Silicon Valley Arbitration and Mediation Center Smarter, Faster, Cheaper Technology Dispute Resolution Conference Open Forum with Silicon Valley – September 16, 2016 FIVE KEY LESSONS LEARNED ON INTERNATIONAL TECH DISPUTES: 1. Court Judgments Are Not Valid in Foreign Countries – But Arbitration Awards Are Globally Enforceable Litigation: Assume the winning party in a litigation needs […]